Collagen  -  7 powerful benefits for everyone

Collagen - 7 powerful benefits for everyone

Our superfood collagens are formulated by award winning doctors designed to be a  super support for your health, immunity and energy.

Our belief in the extraordinary benefits of collagen led us to create our signature range centered around this incredible protein.

Beyond just enhancing skin health, collagen serves as a powerhouse that fortifies us from within. Crafted with high-grade hydrolysed peptides, our collagen surpasses ordinary sources, ensuring easier absorption for maximum effectiveness.

Committed to delivering superior quality, we've packaged our collagen in non-plastic, recyclable paper pouches to ensure there are no microplastics from packaging.

The impact of our collagen spans a wide spectrum:

1) **Gut Health:** Reducing constipation is just one of the many advantages as well as generating a healthy gut lining.
2) **Joint, Ligament, and Muscle Support:** Vital for musculoskeletal health and overall mobility. Reduction in osteopenia and used in medical studies to reduced thinning bones.
3) **Hair and Nails:** Strengthens and enhances their health and appearance.
4) **Boosts Immune System:** A crucial factor for overall health and resilience due to the multiple amino acids it contains.
5) **Wound Healing:** Particularly beneficial post-surgery, aiding recovery after injuries or musculoskeletal tears.
6) **Skin Health:** Promotes healthy, radiant skin essential for our immune barrier
7) **Glycine Content:** Essential for optimal brain function and nerve cells.

(Reference: JBio Sci 2020, Shi et al)

Moreover, our collagen ranges come with added benefits:

A. **Hyaluronic Acid:** Promotes hydration and aids wound repair, a key component in medical preparations for improved scarring. Also vital for joint hydration.

B. **Vitamin C:** Vital for immune function and wound repair, aiding in skin formation and collagen synthesis. It's an integral addition to all our collagen products as it supports the integration of collagen into the body

C. **Vitamin D:** Essential for a robust immune system. Given widespread deficiencies, it's incorporated into all our collagen ranges. It's also a precursor to serotonin, crucial for a positive mood.

D. **Superfoods:** These remarkable additions to our collagen range are chosen to enhance cell repair and function, packing high nutrient densities linked to various health benefits.

1. **Beetroot:** Rich in folic acid, calcium, silica (for nails and hair), and betaine—a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It's a powerhouse of antioxidants, including polyphenols, combating cell damage and aging. Beetroot regulates glucose levels, aids athletes by boosting energy levels and blood flow to muscles—a well-deserved superfood title holder and used by many athletes. Found in our purer restore and glow collagen.

2. **Pomegranate:** An incredible superfood which is known for its anti-cancer properties. High in iron and folate, it prevents anaemia, contains vitamin K for reducing bleeding, and offers protein and fiber crucial for digestion.

By infusing our collagen with these impactful additives, we aim not just for surface-level benefits but holistic wellness, ensuring each product embodies quality and health at its core.

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