About Purer Vita

Health supplements made for women of all ages and stages.

Our superior formulas contain the right amounts of the essential nutrients developed in line with new research.

Who made our formulas?

Our founders include an award winning UK obstetrician, a paediatrician, psychologists, and wellbeing practitioners to produce evidence-based formulas. Decades of combined expertise went into creating supplements to support and enhance mental and physical wellbeing in line with new research.

All products manufactured in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. We chose to manufacture in the United Kingdom to assure our supplements have been produced to the strictest guidelines in the best possible facility. Products manufactured in a facility which has a FSSC 22000 food safety  certification.

Why we made these formulas

We deeply believe in the beneficial effects of good nutrition and targeted supplements in maintaining and improving health as well as in the treatment of chronic health conditions, and we have seen the benefits ourselves. We have researched innovative new formulas with appropriate dosing and constructed our products to be affordable while achieving the appropriate strength.

  • Capsules

    Formulas designed by an award-winning obstetrician designed to be taken whilst pregnant and breastfeeding.

  • Superfood collagens

    Using the science behind the highly concentrated antioxidants to ensure all the power of collagen is utilised for your health needs and recovery to optimal health after birth

What you need to know about PurerVita:

~ Our vitamins are derived from unique, powerful blends by health professionals and scientists.

~ Our vitamins are designed with the latest research on physical and cellular benefits.

~ Our vitamins contain products known to promote and sustain health.

~ We use the highest quality ingredients and manufacture in the UK.

~ Our Laboratories use the highest quality standards to produce products with high absorption and health benefits.

~ Our laboratories are based in Oxford and use pharmaceutical grade quality checks on our products.

~ Our ingredients have been chosen to promote physical and mental wellbeing.