Superfood Collagens for a Purer Menopause

Superfood Collagens for a Purer Menopause

Superfood Collagens for a Purer Menopause


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We have created a range of superfood collagens that are backed by science to help women transition through menopause and beyond. Designed and formulated by women for women. Designed by medical experts. Designed to support you.


Our Purer superfood collagens are made from high grade hydrolysed marine collagen peptides which are more readily absorbed than from standard food sources. They are formulated to combat internal and external ageing and contain key ingredients to target the main symptoms of the menopause.




  1. Glycine – this is an amino acid found in high doses in all our collagens. It is oestrogen protective and laboratory research shows an increase in bone density, a reduction in weight gain as well as improvements in sleep due to its effects on the brain.


  1. Beetroot – this is a powerful superfood which is high in nitrates with so many great effects. It improves blood flow and thus energy levels. It increases the positive effect of exercise in menopausal women as seen in new research leading to improvements in mobility and reduction in cardiovascular disease.
  2. Vitamin D – this is a must for its many benefits including bone health, reduction in hot flushes, reduction in incidence of high blood pressure. It also leads to an improvement in mood and focus. It is also great for thicker hair
  3. Hyaluronic acid - This is an essential component of muscle and skin. In menopause its hydrating effects can help reduce eye dryness, skin dryness and vaginal dryness. It can lead to a reduction in joint pain and improve bone and skeletal health. It also helps insomnia
  4. Vitamin C – helps aour adrenals response to stress and can thus help to reduce hot flashes and night sweats. It also is great at modifying our histamine response which leads to itchy skin in some women in the menopause.
  5. Pomegranate – is a well-known superfood for its antioxidant properties which fight against cell damage. It has been suggested to balance our oestrogen levels leading to improved sleep quality, reduced hot flushes and improved energy and mood.
  6. Collagen – Essentially forms 70% of our bodies. It is important in bone and muscle health which decline in menopause. It is also vital for gut health which is important in ensuring we absorb the nest nutrients. It is also great for skin and hair. Collagen is essential for many functions in our bodies. It forms around 90% of bone matrix so taking a Purer hydrolysed marine collagen helps strengthen bones and improve bone density vital for menopause. Consumption of collagen daily reduces joint pain and helps reduce age-related muscle loss.


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