Why Collagen?

Why Collagen?

We believe so much in its benefits that we made it our signature range.
Its benefits are far more than just for skin – It strengthens us from the inside!!!
Our collagens are high-grade peptides which are made to be more easily absorbed than collagen from food substances. Our aim was to produce the highest grade quality we could source. We used a high-grade paper pouch which is recyclable for our collagen.

It has an important impact on :-

1) Gut health to help reduce constipation
2) Important in joints/ligaments and muscles including the pelvic floor
3) Important in hair and nails
4) Immune health
5) Important in wound healing after caesarean or perineal tears
6) Healthy skin
7) Contains glycine which is important for healthy brain function

Ref In JBio Sci 2020 Shi et al

Added benefits of our collagen ranges -

A. Hyaluronic acid

This promotes hydration but is also a component of many medical preparations to enhance wound repair and to treat poor scarring.

B. Vitamin C

This is vital for immune function and wound repair. Vitamin C is important in how the body builds skin and connects the collagen. It’s importance means it’s been added to all our collagens.

C. Vitamin D

This is needed for a healthy immune system and due to high levels of deficiencies it has been added to all our collagen ranges. It is also the building block for the hormone serotonin which is vital for a good mood in pregnancy and postpartum.


The amazing superfood family!!! These were chosen to enhance our collagen range and to promote cell repair and function. They contain high densities of nutrients which have been linked to additional health benefits.


This contains high amounts of folic acid, calcium for bones and vitamin C. It also contains silica which is needed for nails and hair. It contains betaine which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It contains high levels of an antioxidant called polyphenols which are powerful agents against cell damage and ageing. It helps to regulate normal glucose levels. It is taken by many athletes as its nitrate content promotes blood flow to muscles and can boost energy levels. It has the well-earned title of a superfood.


This is an amazing superfood which is good to include in your diet in pregnancy too. It has a high iron and folate content which helps prevent anaemia. It also contains vitamin K which is important in reducing bleeding. It contains protein and fibre both of which are important for a healthy digestion.

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